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When we decided to sell our North Vancouver duplex we were in the throes of the global COVID-19 pandemic.  There were public health restrictions on showing properties and for good reason. However, Sheri rose to the challenge. It started with an in depth discussion about our goals, price range, and timing. She asked alot of thoughtful, detailed questions. Right from the start she was a careful listener, and had positive and smart ideas about effectively marketing the property. Her photography/video crew spent a couple of hours capturing the many positive features of the home and the resulting video was so professional it almost made us change our minds about moving - it was THAT good! Showings were well-planned and prospective buyers followed public health protocols to the letter. After a showing she would always debrief us and follow up with the buyers agent. Her advice and feedback were always measured, honest, diplomatic and without pretense. In the end, she worked hard to close the deal which resulted in a price we were happy with. Over two decades of looking, buying, and selling real estate in Metro Vancouver, we have met a lot of realtors. Sheri is undoubtedly one of the best in the industry. You would be hard-pressed to find a more intelligent and professional realtor to showcase your home. Well done! KW